Sunbaths & Breezes

Whether you want to spend your getaway on a private island or a glamorous resort, these destinations are the perfect escape. Whether you dream of traveling to the close home Maldives or prefer to far flung Caribbean, every honeymooner should have a chance to unwind among sand and surf. A beach honeymoon is the perfect post-nuptial escape because it can be as relaxing or adventurous as you like. After a weekend of parties, you may choose to spend all day napping on the sand. Or, you could decide to keep the excitement going and plan daily excursions on land and at sea. Our recommendation: Do a little bit of both. Each of these beach honeymoons offers the best of both worlds—stretches of powder-soft sand on which to relax and disconnect from the real world (you've earned it!) and adventure-packed potential among rainforests and coral reefs. Some are built with amenities in mind, like full-service spas and restaurants led by top chefs, while others take a laid-back approach to luxury, offering bespoke surf-town charms or European grandeur. Where you go will depend on what type of experience you're after, from private-island seclusion to see-and-be-seen glamour. After a few days recharging from the wedding weekend, be sure to get out and explore—you only get to honeymoon once, remember! And don't forget to pack your SPF.