Love the nightlife

When we say ‘party city’ – we’re not talking about a place that’s good for a few pints and a couple of shots if you’re feeling adventurous We’re talking about cities where going out is an event. That sense of anticipation in a packed queue. The feeling of entering a rooftop bar, or a beach party, or a dimly lit club filled with exotic outfits and exotic people. We’re talking about drinking-until-7am-walking-back-without-your-shoes BEST DAMN PARTY CITIES IN THE WORLD.

Berlin: Go Underground

Berlin is famous for lots of reasons: it’s cheap, it’s fun, it’s cultural, it’s cool, and oh, there are probably more clubs than there are people. Notoriously the coolest clubs are the most tricky to get into but there are a few rules that you abide by in order to stand a chance – look tough (think black and leather), don’t be drunk, know who’s playing that night and if you can, attempt to speak some German or make friends with one in the queue. That being said, Berghain, the capital of techno scene since 2004, is known for turning people away for no reason so have a backup plan.

Ibiza: Back to the Isla

If you were at all plugged into popular culture in the mid-to-late 90’s you’ll know that Ibiza was the number one party destinations for many years and spawned countless films, TV shows and dance compilation CDs. You can still find all that on the island, but the mega-clubs like Pacha and Amnesia can charge up to €50-70 entry so it can price out a lot of the punters who just want to have a dance. For a more chilled, but definitely-still-a-party vibe why not check out Pikes Ibiza in Sant Antoni de Portmany, steeped in rock and roll history it’s now the place to be.

Cancun: Not just for frat bros

Cancun is a little slice of Heaven on the far west-coast of Mexico. Walk as west as you can go in Cancun and you’ll hit ‘Zona Hotelera’ also known to the locals as the ‘Tourist Zone’ or more commonly known to travelers as the ‘Party Zone’. This thin sliver of land is home to Cancun’s wildest clubs, and for the first two weeks of March (Spring Break for U.S students), it’s a free-for-all when it comes to boozing and late nights. For an intense partying experience go during Spring Break; for a more chilled version, then June-September is your best bet with temperatures that never dip below 23°C.

Amsterdam: More like Amsterdamnnnn

Amsterdam is known for a few things: canals, the red light district, bikes and certain legal substances that your mother warned you about. Amsterdam is a nightlife city with an eclectic mixture of clubs hosting some of the world’s biggest and up-and-coming DJs, the perfect destination to get lost in the music and emerge refreshed. A fan favourite, Shelter, is located across the river from the city centre in Noord, a vast subterranean club located in the basement of A’DAM Tower, it offers a more diverse club experience than the usual fare.

Rio: Down at the Copa, Copacabana

Rio is the party city of Brazil, and over 1 million people flock there every year to attend Carnival, a festival that has been celebrated since 1723. Why? Because in Rio, partying is an art form, even if you go in the off-season there are still clubs and bars pumping out traditional samba on the Copacabana beach strip until dawn. Rio is also well known for being a great LGBTQI friendly city with gay clubs, bars and venues aplenty; The Week International in downtown is an impressive example of this with 22,000-square footage of space in which to dance the night away.